Do You Think You Can Blog From Your Bathroom?

Restroom Or Office?

I have been playing with the possibility that nowadays it should be feasible to utilize innovation to upgrade my restroom and genuinely make it the most well known room in the house because of reasons other than the self-evident.


With remote web and every one of the specialized advances of the cutting edge age I feel sure that I will have the option to set up the restroom with a superior quality (HD) huge TV that will actually want to do everything that I read about. It will highlight initially run motion pictures alongside the wide range of various feeds that are currently accessible when you buy into quite a few associations that guarantee to give you admittance to undeniably a larger number of projects than you might at any point need or even need, yet it pays to remain in front of the Joneses.

Sound System

This is one of the issues that will take a touch of tackling. I like encompass sound so the washroom should be fitted with a legitimate sound framework which will either mitigate me or energize me as per what I am watching on the HD TV or paying attention to on my delightfully built sound framework. I will go with my specialized virtuoso to a Bang and Olufsen store and look and pay attention to the highest point of their line and afterward challenge him to recreate that sound and impact in the restroom.

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Exterior Door
Bathroom Vanity


Normally every one of this prompts the need of a lighting plan. The state of mind should be appropriate for anything the movement that will happen. On the off chance that the music requires harmony and serenity, it should be important to diminish the lights or even perhaps add tone to them to make the climate proper. If necessary there could be a few decisions of power, variety as well as perhaps the light moving around assuming that would assist with making the right inclination.


It’s a given that the most recent PC gear would be required. With the voice to message prospects nowadays I would have the option to lie in my ocean salt drenching shower and direct the furthest down the line expansion to my blog while having the lights change to rouse my contemplations as I talk.

Obviously I would have put onto the PC all the music I could at any point hope to hear and every one of the DVDs that I would require in the event that the TV’s 200 channels didn’t give me what I was in the temperament for. For example there is the arrival of the 22 shows of Mozart from Salzburg in 2006 on DVD which takes 33 circles. That could unquestionably possess a lot of shower time as well as rouse a colossal measure of material for my blog.

Agreeable Chair

In the event that I would have rather not sat in that frame of mind for this inventive action I would require an entirely agreeable seat at the right area in the washroom from which to either partake in the visual and sonic encounters or from which to make the superb increases to my blog.


The fundamental fixing which I haven’t talked about is obviously the sauna which will show up for my utilization either previously, later or during this significant restroom experience. I should make sure to blog about my sauna experience toward the finish of my Mozart ocean salt drench while paying attention to some fitting perspiring music.


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