A R&B Funk Masters Journey

Created to fit your needs, regulatory excitement, body-vibes that will get your toe tapping, rump-shaking and grooves that make your fingers pop; after being active as a solo artist for the past four years, Varges Thomas remains in the process of establishing himself and streaming on the mainstream and digital radio channels around the globe. The music business is definitely not for the faint or weak of heart. It is far more than a race or the marathon. The desire and passion are essential for any musician who really wants to make a job in the entertainment industry.

The journey has been unique, with many highs wedding and lows. However the commitment, consistency and patience have kept the R&B musician humble. With a variety of genres on one EP it was not easy comprehending and understanding the direction that his music was heading in. While the diversity was apparent however, the diverse selection of songs on the debut album “Destiny” resulted in mixed reviews.

Varges has been featured in numerous Indie music magazines, including but not only: Airplay Magazine, ArtistRack, Indie Network Radio, Magic Music Magazine, Radio Indie Australian Made Swimwear International Network, and Bring Back Soul Music along with other press and radio interviews. His songs were streamed , and continue to stream in more than 70 countries around the world. The songs that are most loved are: Juice, Ladies Night, Varges Jam, V-Spot, Give It To Ya, Destiny, Something Special with PleasureMore and a tribute song to his mentor the late Roger Troutman.

His latest song “Lost For Words” is the story of finding it difficult to describe how you feel about someone you love. The track is a silky and soft, borderline-mellow tune that is captivating listeners’ attention because the lyrics are connected to a variety of people who might have been in a Wedding Venues in St Louis serious relationship.
Here are five recommendations that all recording artist needs to be aware of and comprehend. First, it requires greater than talents to be successful. There must be a team of people who believe in your craft and the potential of your artist. Additionally, you need to believe in your abilities to make a difference in your life and on the behalf of others.

There must be a lot of networking in the field and plenty of marketing and promotion for your products or brands. Additionally, you’ll need money to get started and headed into the right direction in order to make yourself noticed. Some might ask,” What does it take to succeed?” You need to invest in yourself. You should be in charge of your destiny, your sweat-equity (developing your craft, Tennessee Wedding Venue polishing and sustaining your art) as well as your commitment to your music career. There is never a dull moment as long as you are continuing to keep yourself at the top on your level.

There will also be the occasional nights of sleeplessness, with tears, sweat happiness and growing tensions. It is crucial to have an encasement of skin that is strong and able to handle constructive criticism from those who will help you improve your career and push you to the next level. It’s time to continue the journey!


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